My personal 9/11 story began just a week before the tragedy that stunned the world. My maiden voyage to the magnificent city of New York began on a business trip just a week before September 11th, 2001. While there, I took time to gather in some sights, even sat at the base of the grand Twin Towers and had lunch. I returned home to my small midwestern studio in Wisconsin, and like everyone else around the world on that bright September Monday morning, painfully witnessed our great nation brutally under attack by terrorists. At times it became so unbelievable and surreal, it was like watching an epic movie in real-time.

Only a week after 9/11, I flew back to Manhattan not afraid to fly, but rather with the feeling of, “I dare you to do that again!”, towards the malicious people that took the lives and casualties of so many.  From my window as our plane approached to land in New York, I could see an outflow of white smoke slowly rising into the low hanging clouds from Ground Zero. It had the feeling of Holy Incense prayerfully acending into the heavens for all the souls that were lost and for their grieving families.

Since then, I’ve hoped to find ways to support and contribute to the rebuilding of what was lost and to help reunite America.

Approaching New York city

New York skyline