In honor of all the people who’s lives have been deeply affected by 9/11, if approved, I would like to donate my One World Trade Center logo design to The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s development project.

In addition, I would like to propose part of the proceeds of the logo merchandise go towards the NY Firefighters Family Memorial Fund.


Below are a sampling of items that would be sold as merchandise at the One World Trade Center Gift store. Millions of visitors each year would have the opportunity purchase logo merchandise items as a remembrance. The logo merchandise will also be available through online gift stores.

T-shirts to Jewelry to Housewares

T-shirts to Jewelry to Housewares

A commemorative crystal vase

Commemorative Tiffany vase with the single rose signifies life and each individual who's life was taken from 9/11. As an option, engraved at the bottom of the vase would be their name.