Spreading the brand through good merchandise design and promotions can become a very profitable resource of revenue. Just ask Apple, NYC, President Obama, Disney, NASCAR, and now more bigger than ever, the Michael Jackson brand. People want to be visually associated with parts of society and, I’ll take a sociological guess that they don’t mind sharing their pride, thoughts and opinions on what they strongly believe in and support.

T-shirts to Jewelry to Housewares

T-shirts to Jewelry to Housewares

Merchandising is an area where guiding the brand graphics is important because of the unlimited kinds of merchandise that infiltrates the mind. As you think about the type of merchandise that will compliment your brand, strategize your design to your brands demographics and existing customers. In the case like One World Trade Center, there’s more latitude because it’s a destination product. So, don’t be afraid to explore an unexpected solution, even if you have to create a unique custom brand piece like the crystal Tiffany vase I’ve designed below. It will greatly reinforce value and significance of your brand.

A commemorative crystal vase

Commemorative Tiffany vase with the single rose signifies life and each individual who's life was taken from 9/11. As an option, engraved at the bottom of the vase would be their name.

One World Trade Center Poster

One World Trade Center Poster: Reflection written by Greg Hall