From Governors to organizations, committees to developers, from architects, designers, to every trade and craftsman, the tasks of replacing 9/11’s loss is both monumental and historic. Travesty is embodied in all of us, compelling us to find ways individually to contribute even if indirectly. Behind the scene scores of people make millions of micro-decisions each day, all adding up to weeks and months, like sands piling up into a pyramid–rebuilding what has become an incredible unique human achievement crafted of the raw materials of inspiration, vision, determination, hard work and sacrifice.

Proposed logo, (c) Stephen Cascio

Proposed logo, (c) Stephen Cascio

This blog is about an important element of the New World Trade Center rebirth and re-emergence aimed at complementing New York’s One World Trade Center; This important element is: the logo and image.

This proposed logo design is submitted for consideration for The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, now coordinating the current development project.

This blog will also show you the possibilities of rebranding an integral part of our history and future through a medium known as “brand identity.” I present here a single design concept and thematic, with firm meaning and versatility. I share it with you.

-Stephen Cascio, Identity designer